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District Mission/Vision/Values


Our Mission: Nurture and Challenge for Success.


Manheim Township School District aspires to be a place where every individual finds the resources needed to learn, grow and succeed. We are dedicated to pursuing a vision of excellence, and we believe that vision requires a strong learning environment, a supportive community, and an awareness of our place in the larger world.

We are committed to:

A learning environment that is

  • A place of safety and mutual respect.
  • A place that stimulates curiosity and creativity.
  • A place that sets high expectations and standards of achievement.
  • A place that provides opportunities for critical thinking and problem solving.

A learning community that fosters

  • A commitment to lifelong learning.
  • A sense of personal integrity.
  • An appreciation for the richness diversity can bring.
  • An understanding of the breadth of a liberal arts education.
  • Opportunities for extracurricular growth.
  • The achievement of each individual’s potential.

An understanding of our place in our world that requires

  • Mutual respect and cooperation.
  • Open communication.
  • Understanding of cultural diversity.
  • A sense of global citizenship.

Shared Values

  • People thrive best in a safe and nurturing environment
  • Family involvement in the educational process is integral to a successful community
  • The value of individuals is in their uniqueness, and this uniqueness when shared is valuable to the community
  • Personal growth requires the development of moral sense and strength of character
  • A strong society requires responsible people and values ethical behavior
  • Each person is responsible for his/her own actions
  • The dignity of each person deserves respect
  • Effective communication is fundamental to understanding
  • An individual deserves the right to embrace his/her beliefs
  • Each person deserves the opportunity to realize his/her potential
  • Fairness is more important than equality
  • Higher expectations challenge people and stimulate greater achievement
  • Because people are innately curious, they seek knowledge throughout their lives
  • Community success is dependent upon a diversity of people working for a common good
  • Growth requires change and innovation
  • Aesthetics are the creative expressions of the human spirit
  • Excellence is always worthy of pursuit
  • Universal education is vital to a free society
  • Independence is achievable when a person gains valuable tools through learning
  • Life-long learning is essential to a vibrant and rewarding life.