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Student Achievement

In keeping with the mission of MTSD, principals, program consultants, teachers and other district personnel analyze student data to plan and write curriculum; organize and deliver instruction; supplement curriculum to provide for the needs of individual students;  select resources;  and plan and write assessments that provide ongoing information about student growth. We continue to strive to create an environment where all students will grow, learn and succeed.

The district provides information about its student achievement results at public board meetings and to each school’s parent group.

PSSA Results

In Pennsylvania, the PSSA (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment) tests are used to measure a student’s attainment of the academic standards while also determining the degree to which school programs enable students to attain proficiency of the standards.  Students in grades 3-8 take the PSSA tests every spring.

Below are the percentages of all students in the district Grades 3-8 who scored Proficient or Advanced in the subject area assessments: Reading, Mathematics, Science and Writing.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education provides an official comprehensive report card for each district and school in the Commonwealth.  To view this report card or to find more information regarding the district and school performance, please visit Pennsylvania Department of Education’s website and search for information by district.




Celebrating the Class of 2016

2016 Advanced Placement Exams

349 students took a total of 630 exams

83% of the class received a score of 3 or higher

26% of the class received a score of five (highest possible score)


Continuing Education

81% of the class plans to continue their education

69% of the class accepted offers to 4-year colleges

12% of the class accepted offers to 2-year colleges/Specialized Schools

2% of the class plans on entering the Armed Forces


National Merit Program

Class of 2016:  1 Finalists, 1 Semi-finalists, 7 Commended



75% of the Class of 2016 took the SAT

MT Class of 2016:                Reading Avg: 538                Math Avg: 549                     Writing Avg: 508

PA State Avg:                       Reading Avg:500                Math Avg: 506                      Writing Avg: 481

All Testers Avg:                    Reading Avg: 494               Math Avg: 508                      Writing Avg: 482

MT Total Avg Score: 1595


International Baccalaureate Program (IB Program)

Manheim Township juniors and seniors now have the opportunity to earn an internationally recognized diploma that allows them to earn college credit while in high school and gives our students another advantage in the college admissions process. The IB curriculum emphasizes an inter-disciplinary, student-centered approach to learning with an emphasis on developing critical thinking skills.

2015-16 was the fourth year that Manheim Township students had the opportunity to achieve the IB diploma.  In May 2016, 34 students sat for exams in at least one IB course, and six seniors earned the full IB diploma. Currently at the high school, approximately 100 students are enrolled in at least one IB class, and 34 students are working toward the full IB diploma.

Students apply to the IB program in the fall of their sophomore year. For more information, contact Larry Penner, IB Coordinator, at pennerla@mtwp.net.