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Volunteer Information

What I Need to Know to Volunteer

Thank you for choosing to be a volunteer in our district!

Welcome to Manheim Township School District and thank you for your willingness to be a volunteer. It is our hope that you will feel the value of being involved with our school and with our students through your participation here. The time you give to our district is appreciated and helps make this a great place to be.

Why Volunteers Are Important
The many programs that are available to our students often depend on volunteers to help make them successful. Being a volunteer connects our community to the students and provides opportunities for students to strengthen skills and experiences because of your involvement. As a volunteer you can be a role model who continues to develop the academic excellence in our students and enhances their educational experience at Manheim Township.

District Volunteer Guidelines
We want you to be prepared and comfortable with your volunteer service when serving in our schools. A District Volunteer Guidelines packet has be created to help answer questions you may have and help you have a great experience in our schools. District Volunteer Guide

MTSD School Board Policy 916
MTSD School Board policy 916 is the governing policy with volunteers in our district. This policy describes in more detail the guidelines described in this document. You will need to become familiar with the definitions and policy of being a district volunteer. Policy 916 is available on the district website: www2.mtwp.net
- Click on the School Board tab.
- Scroll down to Policies.
- Locate Policy 916 under Community.

Volunteer Checklist
To expedite your volunteer clearances process, volunteers should complete this form with all of the other required paperwork prior to coming in to the District Office or you will be asked to complete this, and all required forms, during your visit. Thank-you! Volunteer Checklist

Necessary Clearances To Be A Volunteer 
Per School Board Policy 916, the Manheim Township School District requires
ALL volunteers to provide the standard clearances, dated within the last year, listed below:

Child Abuse Background Check
No cost.
Valid for five (5) years.

  1. Create a Keystone Account, if you do not have one already.

  2. Select: Volunteer

  3. Volunteer Category: ‘Other’

  4. Agency Name: Manheim Township School District

  5. Once completed, print out certificate and bring to the District Office.

PA  Criminal History Check
No cost.
Valid for five (5) years.

  1. Click on “New Record Check (Volunteers Only)” and complete all required fields.

  2. Print the “Record Check Request Results” page.

  3. Once information is reviewed, print out the PA Criminal History Check.

PA Residency Affidavit  (If you have been a Pennsylvania  resident for previous 10 consecutive years)
Pennsylvania Residency Certification


FBI Cogent Fingerprint Check  for PA resident less than 10 years:
Cost varies (please see website below).
Valid for five (5) years.

Please bring in:

  1. The “unofficial copy” of the letter, which will be mailed to you (please allow several weeks)  OR

  2. Proof of fingerprint submission receipt with the “PAE” number on it (through Dept. of Education).

Affidavit For Pennsylvania Residents
This form is for persons who have been residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania during the entirety of the previous 10-year period and who are applying to serve as Program Volunteers in the schools of the Manheim Township School District. Applicants must provide the Manheim Township School District with the completed PA Residency Affidavit prior to volunteering. Pennsylvania Residency Certification

TB Test
If you are volunteering over ten (10) hours per week and will have direct contact with students, you must provide Tuberculosis skin test documentation.

MTSD Confidentiality Agreement
Before you begin volunteering, all volunteers must sign and adhere to the MTSD Confidentiality Agreement. MTSD Confidentiality Agreement

PDE 6004 (Act 24/82) Arrest and/or Conviction Report
Once approved as a district volunteer, every school year thereafter until renewal of your clearances are required, an Arrest and Conviction Report must be completed. Please submit the PDE 6004 form to just one of the buildings where you are volunteering. Arrest Conviction Form PDE-6004 3.1.2016


The individual applying for clearances must bring in their own clearances (we cannot accept clearances from a spouse). Please bring in your Driver’s License to verify your name/address match your clearance information, along with all necessary clearances to the Human Resource Department at the MTSD District Office between:

7:30 AM – 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM

This will ensure someone will be here on-site to receive your information

District Office Address 

(Located behind Bucher Elementary)

450A Candlewyck Rd

Lancaster, PA 17601