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Employee of the Month

April 2017

Congratulations to Kate Winters who was named Employee of the Month for the month of April.

Employee of the Month:
Winters, Kathleen

Library Assistant

Kate is a Library Assistant at Reidenbaugh Elementary. Kate was nominated by her colleagues for "being creative and decorating the library in a different theme each month to get the students excited to read new books. The library has come alive since Mrs. Winters started working there and the students are so excited to do book exchange to see what new themes are in the library and what new books she has to go along with the themes."

Kate will be honored at the April School Board of Directors Board Meeting. If you see Kate, please congratulate her for her outstanding service to our students.

Past Winners

MonthEmployee of the Month
April 2017Winters, Kathleen
Library Assistant
December 2016Omundsen, Elaine
kitchen site leader, Nitrauer Elementary
November 2016Burkhart, Gale
Reading Specialist, Brecht Elementary
October 2016Engle, Renee
teacher, Middle School
September 2016Ridley, Dona
Office Manager, High School
June 2016Gilliford, Jan
Administrative Assistant, Business Office
May 2016Christensen, Ann
2nd grade teacher, Bucher Elementary
March 2016Powers, Christine
Landis Run Secretary
February 2016Burt, Jessica
Para Professional
January 2016DePanfilis, Sheryl
Library Assistant
December 2015Heisey, Amy
Kindergarten Teacher, Brecht Elementary
November 2015Nation, Carol
Secretary, Schaeffer Elementary
October 2015Diehl, Kevin
Custodian, Middle School
September 2015Rosado, Ricardo
Custodian, High School
June 2015Haberstroh, Michele
District Office Receptionist
May 2015Wealand, Jennifer
Reading Specialist, Bucher Elementary
April 2015Schlegelmilch, Jay
Custodian, Reidenbaugh Elementary
March 2015Badorf, Thomas
Custodian, Landis Run Intermediate
February 2015Dombach, Michelle
Neff Elementary, cafeteria
January 2015Edwards, Elizabeth
3rd Grade, Nitrauer Elementary
December 2014Squibb, Erin
Learning Support Teacher, Brecht Elementary
November 2014Wegert, Pam
Learning Support Aide
October 2014Merrill, Meaghan
Special Education Assistant, Middle School
September 2014Gaissert, Jill
Athletics Department Secretary, HS
June 2014Gaudlip, Jodi
Reading Specialist, Neff Elementary
May 2014Negrete, Matthew
Custodian, Nitrauer Elementary
April 2014Martin, Andrew
Assistant Principal, Landis Run
March 2014Miller, Kerry
Custodian, Brecht Elementary
February 2014Murphy, Barbara
ESL teacher, Schaeffer Elementary
January 2014Colon, Dina
secretary, Reidenbaugh Elementary
December 2013Rutledge IV, Thomas
social studies teacher, High School
November 2013Bensel, Chelsea
Autistic Support Teacher, Bucher Elementary
October 2013Mullins, Jodi
Middle School Learning Support Assistant
September 2013Lux, Cynthia
Curriculum and Instruction Administrative Assistant
May 2013Michaud, James
Social Studies, Middle School
Bedi, Tom
Maintenance, Middle School
April 2013Aiello, Daniel
Learning Support, High School
Melendez, Sorangeli
Food Service Site Leader, Landis Run
March 2013Jones, Matthew
Art Teacher at Landis Run Intermediate
Richard, Rita
Health Room Nurse Assistant at Nitrauer Elementary
February 2013Ammon, Dave
Health and PE teacher at the High School
Levens, Myra
Casher for Food Service at the High School
January 2013Himelright, Donald
Middle School English Teacher
Ziegler, Ellie
Building Secretary at Nitrauer Elementary
December 2012Holler, Daniel
German Teacher, High School
Farmer, Gregory
District IT Deparment
November 2012Johns, Matt
Social Studies Teacher, High School
Border, Virginia
Librarian Assistant, Bucher Elementary
October 2012Schotta, Kathryn
Reading Specialist, Nitrauer Elementary
Arnold, Kathie
Executive Assistant/Board Secretary
September 2012Weisser, Jaime
6th grade teacher at Landis Run
Slane, Colleen
Food Service, Nitrauer Elementary
May 2012Cairns, Colette
Business Education teacher, High School
Pugliese, Rosa
Site Leader, Food Services, Bucher Elementary
April 2012Smith, Megan
2nd grade teacher, Nitrauer Elementary
Unterburger, Peggy
Food Service/Transportation Secretary, District Office
March 2012Nolt, Richard
Technology Education teacher at the High School
Faller, Patti
High School Guidance Department Secretary
February 2012Kaufhold, Bridget
4th grade teacher at Neff Elementary
Dooley, Betsy
Food Service Department at the Middle School
January 2012Russell, Rich
Guidance Counselor at Reidenbaugh Elementary School
Rineer, Susan
para-educator in the Autistic Support Classroom at Bucher Elementary
December 2011James-Shuffelbottom, Vicki
Extended Day Kindergarten Teacher
Miller, Donald
District Courier
November 2011Costello, Kathy
Brecht Elementary 4th Grade Teacher
Grimaldi, Salvatore
Plant Services Department, High School
October 2011Druck, Jacqueline
Bucher Elementary, 4th Grade Teacher
Copeland, Melissa
Learning Support/Special Education Aide at the Middle School
September 2011Wagner, Lance
High School Teacher
Kimmich, Catharine
Food Service at Reidenbaugh Elementary
June 2011Burrowes, Christopher
2nd Grade, Schaffer Elementary
Enck, Betsy
Special Education Aide, High School
May 2011Peachey, Barbara
Sixth Grade Teacher, Neff 6
Martin, Lori
Special Education Assistant, High School
April 2011Duscha, Noelle
Learning Support Teacher, Reidenbaugh Elementary School
Zook-Payne, Heidi
Learning Support Aide, Bucher Elementary School
March 2011Whitworth, Gale
Technology Education/Digital Video Production Teacher, High School
Bernat, William
Custodian, Middle School
February 2011McMullin, Jennifer
2nd Grade, Nitrauer Elementary
Meeder, Anne
Artist in Residence, Brecht Elementary
January 2011Delaney, James
Physics, High School
Shrom, Nancy
Security Department, Middle School
December 2010Weaver, Missy
Guidance Counselor, Neff Elementary
Fanning, Barbara
Secretary, Brecht Elementary
November 2010Guttman, Jerry
Business Education, High School
Kinka, Terri
Secretary, Neff Elementary
October 2010Davis, Sarah
English, High School
Burch, Connie
District Testing and Assessments, District Office
September 2010Steeley, Jennie
French, Middle School
Seibert, Shawn
Custodian, Bucher Elementary
June 2010Swiatek, Rebecca
Learning Support, High School
Williams, Teri
Learning Support Classroom Aide, Middle School
May 2010Branstetter, Dyan
3rd Grade, Brecht Elementary
Burnett, Elaine
Classroom Aide, Nitrauer Elementary

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  • Nominations will remain on file for one year from the month it was submitted.
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Who can nominate an employee?

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  • Nomination materials may be submitted, at any time, throughout the calendar year.