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Teaching Assignments

Teaching assignment considerations include the needs of the students, the district, the needs of each building, and the needs of the teaching staff.

Changes in enrollments, class sizes, or class configuration (such as adding full day kindergarten), and retirements or resignations of teaching staff could all mean a reassignment of teaching staff.

Please know that a lot of time and consideration, by building principals and district office administrators, are put into all of the staffing decisions.  The district administration works  diligently to organize teaching staff to provide a quality, balanced staff in each building.

In addition, it is important to remember that staff members are employees of the district (not a specific building) and the district has the right of assignment each year.  Staff members will be given notice each spring if a change in staff assignments will affect them.   We do understand that change is hard, but at the same time, we must make decisions about the best use of personnel for all of our students across the district.  It is the responsibility of the administration to effectively and efficiently utilize our personnel for the benefit of the entire district.


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