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Why not build snow days into the calendar?

A frequently asked question is “Why not build snow days into the calendar”?  The answer lies in our history.  In the past, snow days were actually built into the calendar; however that seemed to cause confusion and consternation for parents, and staff, when (for example) the district had a snow day to make-up with short notice.  With the snow days tacked on to the end of the school year, everyone knows well in advance the last day of school and can make plans accordingly.   Even in an extraordinary winter like this one, if the school year runs into scheduled vacations, it still provides plenty of opportunity for vacation plans to change.  Parents may also make the decision to continue with their plans.  However, the district still asks that parents follow procedure, as you would for any absence, and send a note to your building principal that your student(s) will miss the last days of school.



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