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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are LRIS’s hours?

During the school year we are open from 7:00AM to 4:00 PM.

What is the LRIS daily schedule?

Homeroom begins at 8:00 AM.

Students will have the following classes during the day:

Language Arts — 120 minutes daily

Math — 90 minutes daily

Science — 90 minutes daily (every other day)

Social Studies — 90 minutes daily (every other day)

Lunch — 30 minutes daily

Recess — 15 minutes daily

Related Arts Class — 60 minutes daily

REM — 30 minutes daily

Dismissal begins at 3:10

Will my child have a locker?

Yes.  All students will be assigned a locker.  Most locker assignments will be adjacent to the student’s homeroom.  All lockers are combination lockers.  Students will need to learn the three numbers of their combination.  It is imperative that students should NOT share their locker combination with any other student.

What are interim reports?
Interim reports provide parents with an update on their student’s academic performance. Reports are mailed home at the middle of each quarter  for any student who has a grade of D+ or lower. Please feel free to contact your son or daughter’s teachers for more information concerning your child’s academic performance.

When are report cards distributed and what information is reported?
Each fifth and sixth grader will receive a report card four times during the school year to update you on his or her progress. (November, January, April and June) Two grades are given for every subject–one an achievement grade based on percentages and the other an effort grade summarizing the child’s behaviors assisting or hindering learning. Keys for interpreting the grading symbols are found on the report card itself. Questions regarding a particular grade may be directed to the teacher of that subject. Grades are recorded for all related areas taken during a marking period.

As a parent, how can I get information about homework expectations?
If you wish to check about a daily assignment, ask your child to show you his or her  assignment notes in his agenda book and check our website link to Sapphire Parent Portal.

When in school, students are expected to follow through with their responsibility of recording all assignments in their agenda books. When absent, they check Sapphire Parent Portal for an update on assignments. It is important as well, when returning from a school absence for students to check with teachers for clarification of work that needs to be made up. If a child is absent for three or more days, parents are welcome to call the school directly for assistance with make-up work.

More Landis Run Intermediate School School Information

Section Assignment/Schedule

Your child’s schedule will be mailed in early August.  Homeroom assignments can be found on the upper right hand corner.  Please note that schedules are subject to change without notification until the first day of school.  In addition, locker assignments have not been completed at this time.  All students will receive their locker assignment on the first day of school. On the first day of school, all students are to report to homeroom.  The Landis Run Intermediate School day begins at 8:00 AM.

Agenda Book

Each student will be issued an Agenda Book on the first day of school.  This three-hole punched book should be placed in your child’s three-inch, three-ring binder.  Included in the Agenda Book are the Student Handbook, pages to chart academic achievement and a daily calendar with ample space to record homework assignments.  In the back of the agenda book are “Hallway Passports” which permit students to travel outside of classrooms during daily instructional time.  If cared for properly, these books will serve your child the entire school year.   Please review the Agenda Book with your child during the first few days of school.

When your child is absent . . .

**A signed excuse note must be turned in when the child returns to school.**

Work missed during an absence may be made up within the same number of days absent. Daily assignments are located on the Community Portal. If on the third day of your child’s absence it appears he/she will not be returning to school the following day, please contact the school office and request work for your child.  Work will be available in the office within 24 hours from the time of your request.  A written excuse should be submitted to the office within three days of any absence.  Failure to return a parent/guardian signed written excuse upon returning to school within three days will result in an unlawful absence.  It is the student’s responsibility to request homework from teachers for absences due to extended vacations.


Students are offered an array of wholesome food in the cafeteria on a daily basis.  The cost of a complete lunch this year is $2.25 and drinks are $.70.

There will be four lunch periods at LRIS.  The lunch periods are:
11:10 – 11:40
11:40 – 12:10
12:10 – 12:40
12:40 – 1:10


Each student is assigned a locker and all lockers are equipped with a built-in combination lock.  It is your child’s responsibility to keep his/her locker locked at all times.  Combinations and lockers should not be shared.  If your child forgets his/her combination, they should report to the main office and the combination will be reissued.  School lockers are the property of the Manheim Township School District and are subject to random searches without prior notification.

Band, Chorus and Orchestra

Band, orchestra and chorus will meet twice a week during REM to practice.

6th Grade Personal Fitness and Wellness

PF&W Uniforms – Sixth grade students are required to wear PF&W uniforms for reasons of personal hygiene, student safety, and the protection of school clothes.

  • Students must wear dark blue/navy athletic shorts, a T-shirt, socks, and non-marking gym shoes.
  • Students must have shoelaces tied securely at all times.
  • PF&W classes may be held outdoors. During cooler months, it is recommended that students bring appropriate clothing for outdoor conditions (cold or wet).
  • For safety reasons, all jewelry must be removed during PF&W class.
  • Teachers expect that students will be prepared for each class. Wearing the required PF&W uniform for class is one of the components of the PF&W grade.
  • Although not a part of the PF&W uniform, deodorant is frequently brought to the locker room for use after class.  Only stick or roll-on forms of deodorant are permitted in the locker room; aerosol cans or pump sprays will be confiscated due to their potential to aggravate respiratory conditions that some students may possess.

Lost Clothing

Every year, thousands of dollars worth of clothing from MTSD schools is given to the needy in our community.  Clothing that is lost in school (and not claimed) is donated to a local charitable organization in the community.  Please safeguard your child’s clothing by using a permanent laundry marker to label PF&W clothing, jackets, athletic bags, instruments and backpacks.  All items lost during a marking period are kept until the end of the marking period.

Bus Assignments

Student bus information will be mailed to individual student homes prior to the start of the school year. Any questions or concerns regarding bus transportation should be addressed in writing to:  Mrs. Bette Oberle, MTSD Transportation Department, Box 5134 School Road, Lancaster, PA 17606-5134.

Bus & Transportation Safety

In addition to the guidelines included in the Agenda Book related to bus conduct, please review with your child the following important safety rules:

  • once in motion, buses will not stop for late students.
  • a student who misses his/her bus may not ride another bus.
  • a student may ride only the bus he/she is assigned.
  • a written note is required if there is a change in your child’s transportation; emails and phone calls will not be accepted.

An Activity Bus is available for students to use on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The bus will pick students up at the Landis Run Intermediate School at 4:30 pm.  The activities bus will follow a designated route and drop students off at designated stops along the route.  Please note that students will not be dropped off in front of their home and may need to walk a few blocks.  All students must have permission to ride the activities bus by signing up in the main office.  Students should be staying after school for legitimate school reasons such as making up work or completing a project.

Car Rider Information

Students who are morning car riders should be dropped off in the “loop” near the main office.  Students must enter the vestibule by the main office and report to their designated area. A teacher will monitor students as they enter the building. The building is open to students no earlier than 7:35 AM.

Students who are being picked up at the end of the day will report to the car rider loop outside of the office and line up to await their ride.  Using Valley Road, persons picking up students should turn onto Blue Streak Boulevard and follow the road leading up to LRIS. The car rider line forms next to the building by the car rider loop.  Cars should not block the flow of traffic since our buses use that road.  If a student is going home by car with another student, both sending and receiving parent/guardians are required to write a permission note. Emails and phone calls will not be accepted.


For all changes in transportation, a note should be sent with your child and turned into the main office.  Please be aware that once your child leaves the Landis Run school grounds, he/she is no longer under the supervision of the school.  Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to NOT permit your child to walk to sporting events or other neighborhood establishments after school.

School Security

As a safeguard for your children, all visitors must sign the Visitors’ Registry in the office. You may be asked to present photo identification if you wish to be issued a visitor’s pass or if you choose to pick your child up at school.  School district security personnel monitor the interior and exterior of the building during the course of the day.

Safe Schools Tip Line

The Manheim Township School District has formed a partnership with the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office, which resulted in a Safe Schools Tip Line being established.

If you have information related to safety in our schools and do not want to speak to an administrator, you may call the Tip Line at 1-888-814-3684.  Information received will be kept confidential.  The tip line is monitored 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

Self-Guided Tours

Students and their parents/guardians may take self-guided tours of the school over the summer. The dates of the tours will be posted over the summer. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the building at your own pace.  Maps of the school will be available in the main lobby.

Community Portal

As the parent of an intermediate school student, you are strongly encouraged to sign up for a community portal account.  You will be able to access your child’s grades and homework each evening using the site.  Instructions to help you sign up if you don’t already have an account are on the MTWP website under Community. Contact Faye Will at 717-519-1500 with any questions.

Dress Code/Expectations

Dress Guidelines

Included in the school dress policy (Policy #221) approved by the Board of School Directors are guidelines related to the suitability and acceptability of school apparel. School officials will impose limitations on dress or attire, which interferes with the teaching-learning process, disrupts the school’s educational climate, or constitutes a health or safety hazard. The following guidelines will be followed at LRIS regarding student clothing.

Specific dress guidelines for grade 5-6 students:

  • Student clothing must be clean, neat, and worn in the manner intended by the designer. Clothing that is frayed, fringed or possesses holes is not permitted.
  • Students may not wear clothing that advertises or suggests a direct or double meaning regarding drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, profane language or sex/obscene acts.
  • Clothing that is sheer enough to reveal undergarments is not permitted.  Pajamas, robes, slippers or clothing designed as bedroom or loungewear are not acceptable.
  • Upper body – students’ torsos must be covered … front, back and side!

1. No view of a female’s chest should be visible from the side or front (i.e. no cleavage showing).  Shirt straps must be at least 2 inches in width to cover any undergarments worn by the student. Tops worn by males must have sleeves- tank tops are not allowed unless a sleeved shirt is worn beneath.

2. The base of any top worn (male or female) must be long enough to cover the entire midriff of the student when standing, walking, or sitting and leaning forward at a table or desk. Shirts that do not meet this standard are unacceptable.

  • Lower body

1. Pants must be worn over the hips so they do not sag. Pant legs may not drag on the ground as this creates a safety hazard for the owner and those moving around him/her.

2. Lower body clothing designed or worn in a manner to reveal underwear is not acceptable.

3. The hemline of shorts, skirts, skorts, dresses, etc., must fall within four inches of touching the top of the kneecap to be acceptable.

  • Footwear – must be safe for the owner and must not pose a hazard to others. Slippers are not acceptable.
  • Head Wear/Coverings – are not permitted.  Exceptions: 1) head coverings worn for religious purposes and 2) hair bands worn back off the forehead to pull hair away from the face.
  • Outer Wear – clothing designed specifically for use outside may not be worn in school and must be put in the students’ lockers – this includes coats, jackets, and quilted vests. Students should keep a sweatshirt, sweater, or other long-sleeved clothing item in their lockers in the event they get cold and need to add another layer.

Students who fail to meet these dress guidelines will be required to change into something appropriate. Students will not rejoin the school population until appropriately dressed. Repeated offenses will result in progressive disciplinary consequences.

LRIS is air-conditioned. Students are encouraged to wear “layers” so that they can adjust their clothing for different indoor and outdoor temperatures. Students are not excused from school activities, such as recess, because of their clothing choices. Students should wear clothing that lets them move and play safely (example: sneakers, shorts, T-shirts) when physical education is scheduled. Students should come to school clean and neatly dressed so they are ready to learn.