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School Counselors

Welcome to the School Counseling Department

School Counseling Program Mission: The school counselors of the Manheim Township School District, in cooperation with parents, staff, administration and the community, provide developmental, educational, preventative and responsive services, encouraging and supporting the lifelong development of the personal/social, academic and career growth of each student. This dedicated, caring team is committed to inspiring our learning community to become responsible, caring individuals able to compete confidently in a rapidly changing world.

The School Counseling Program includes direct and indirect student services. Direct services are those that involve direct interactions with students. These services include delivery of the counseling curriculum, individual student planning, and responsive services. The method of delivery include large group, small group, classroom, and individual interactions.

Indirect services are those provided for the students as a way to support student achievement,  but do not involve direct interactions with students. Examples of indirect services are referrals for services, consultation with school personnel and community members and organizations, and collaboration with parents, school personnel, and the community


  1. Counselors will facilitate the development of problem solving, decision making, communication and coping skills.
  2. Counselors will provide a range of services to support students, including individual and group counseling and/or classroom guidance activities to enhance the development of personal/social/academic growth.
  3. Counselors will assist students and families by providing consultation and referral to community agencies.
  4. Counselors will assist students in acquiring the knowledge and skills which will enable them to be effective learners, choose from a wide range of post-secondary options, and understand the relationship of academics to the world of work and life within the community.
  5. Counselors will assist students in developing an understanding of the world of work and personal interests and abilities as they relate to future career goals.
  6. Counselors will provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to understand and respect self and others, make effective decisions and take actions needed within school, home and community.
School Counselors
Brecht Elementary School Bucher Elementary School
 (717) 291-1733  (717) 569-4291
 (717) 735-0939 (Fax)  (717) 569-3060 (Fax)
 Counselor: Ms. Francine Rickert  Counselor: Dr. Christina Ravert
 Neff Elementary School  Nitrauer Elementary School
 (717) 569-8502  (717) 569-4239
 (717) 569-8226  (Fax)  (717) 569-7973 (Fax)
 Counselor: Ms. Barbara Walker  Counselor: Ms. Missy Weaver
 Reidenbaugh Elementary School  Schaeffer Elementary School
 (717) 626-1000  (717) 392-6797
 (717) 627-3887 (Fax)  (717) 735-8292 (Fax)
 Counselor: Ms. Beth Lester  Counselor: Ms. Megan Bingham
 Landis Run Intermediate School  Manheim Township Middle School
 (717) 581-9124  (717) 560-3111
 (717) 735-0036 (Fax)  (717) 569-1670 (Fax)
 Counselors: Ms. Jody White  Counselors: Ms. Kate O’Connor
                   Ms. Michelle Pollis                    Ms. Lauren Doyle
 Manheim Township High School
 (717) 560-3096
 (717) 569-2806  (Fax)
 Counselors: Mr. Linden Bates
                   Ms. Alex Chitwood
                   Mr. Mark Evans
                   Ms. Kara Rogers
                   Ms. Michelle Stoudt
                   Ms. Elizabeth Ziegler