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Title I

Title I and Manheim Township School District

Title I is a program of the United States Department of Education. The funds provided by the Title I program target academically disadvantaged students by helping them to meet high standards. Manheim Township School District  uses federal Title I funds to provide supplemental services including the Reading Lab, the Math Lab, Strategic Literacy classes, instructional coaching for teachers, parent workshops and trainings, and staffing for specially designed courses.  Some of the funds are also used for materials and technology for Title I students in their traditional classes.  These services are provided to students in need at our high school and middle school.

MTSD Title I Contacts:

As part of Title I regulations, any parent has a right to request and receive information on the professional qualifications of his or her child’s teacher.  If you are interested in this or more information about Title I in general, including our parent involvement policy, parent workshop, and/or funding opportunities, please contact:

Mrs. Karen Evans – Middle School Principal, Title I Coordinator – 717-560-3111

Mr. John Loose  – Assistant High School Principal, Title I Coordinator – 717-560-3097

Dr. Karen Nell – Director of Federal Programs, Curriculum & Instruction – 717-569-8231

Parent Involvement

Manheim Township values parent input and involvement.  Please take a few moments to complete our Title I Parent Involvement Survey by clicking the link below.  More information about parent involvement can also be found in our Parent Involvement Plan and our Parent-School Compact which are both available via the document links on the left.


For more information about Title I:

MT Board Policy: 918 Title I Parent Involvement
US Department of Education: Title I Information

Translated Documents:

Parent-School Compact Spanish
Parent-School Compact Vietnamese

Non-Public School Information:

Our program for non-public school students is coordinated through the IU 13. If you have questions about the non-public program, please contact Dr. Raluca Snyder at (717) 606-1685. The complaint procedure for non-public students is available via the document links on the left.